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9th Dan Black Belt International Grandmaster Instructor

Grandmaster Ricky Wu was born in Hong Kong and began learning Chinese Kung Fu from his father at a very young age. He began his study of Taekwondo in Hong Kong in 1968. In 1973, he became a Taekwondo instructor at St. Paul's College, though he was only a student at that time. In 1977, at the age of twenty-one, Grandmaster Wu became the Hong Kong Taekwondo champion. The same year, he represented Hong Kong in the 3rd World Championships in Chicago. He captured the silver medal in the 1978 Asia Taekwondo Championships. Later that year, he was appointed to be the Chief Instructor of the International Taekwondo Hong Kong Association. In 1983, Grandmaster Wu was appointed as the Head Coach of the Hong Kong National Team. He coached the Hong Kong National Team until 1990. The Hong Kong National Team led by Grandmaster Wu won the "Best Performance Team" award in 1988 at the 8th Asia Taekwondo Championships. During this time, he was also the Vice Chairman of the Technical Committee and Honorary Deputy Secretary of the Hong Kong Taekwondo Association. In addition, Grandmaster Wu was awarded Good Citizenship award for his assistance to the Hong Kong Police in capturing a thief. In 1991, Grandmaster Wu moved to Vancouver, Canada, and began teaching Taekwondo in the Lower Mainland at places such as Kerrisdale Community Center, the YMCA, B.C. school of Eastern Arts and Culture, and the River Club. May 1992 marked the grand opening of Wu's Taekwondo School in Richmond. In December of 1994, the Grand Opening of the new school marked a new phase in the expansion of Wu's Taekwondo School. Since 2003, Grandmaster Wu has acted as the BC Team & Junior Team BC Head Coach, was also the Canada Team Head Coach in 2006 to 2008, and was Head of Team Canada in 2018. Grandmaster Wu has contributed immensely to WTF Taekwondo Federation  BC as the Secretary General and Treasurer. Grandmaster Wu is an International Referee and received the Canada Referee of the Year award in 1999. From 1997 to 2009, Grandmaster Wu officially led the National Instructor  Seminars, teaching and instructing all masters in Canada. In appreciation of Grandmaster Wu's outstanding achievements and special contributions to the development to Taekwondo in Canada, he was appointed as an Honorary Life Member with Taekwondo Canada - an honour only few has. In addition to his contributions to Taekwondo, Grandmaster Wu is a philanthropist who is constantly finding ways to serve the community  and involving his students. He served in the RCMP Advisory Committee on Asian Community for over 10 years and was also awarded the Community Achiever Award by numerous organizations. He continues to promote Taekwondo by training athletes through in participating in local, national, and international competitions. Under Grandmaster Wu's leadership, our High Performance Team has helped BC win the most medals for Poomsae in the 2019 Pan Am Cadet & Junior Championships. MP Alice Wong appointed  Grandmaster Wu with the Community Award from the Government of Canada for his leadership in 2019. 


From left to right: (former) Taekwondo Canada President  Mr. Wayne Mitchell, Pan Am President & WT Vice-President Mr.  Ji Ho Choi,  WT President Dr. Chungwon  Choue, Grandmaster Wu, & (former) Executive Director Darlene MacDonald


Grandmaster Wu winning silver medal at the 3rd Asia  Championship in 1978.


From left to right: WT Referee Chair Person Senior Master Song Chul Kim, Grandmaster Wu, Mayor of City of Richmond Mr. Malcom Brodie 


Grandmaster Wu as Head Coach of Team Canada 


Richmond Stevestone MLA John Yap and Grandmaster Wu for awards presentation.


From left to right: Grandmaster  Wu, MLA Teresa Wat, Master Tong


MP Alice Wong appointing Grandmaster Wu with the Community Award from the Government of  Canada.

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